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Clean Start Africa is an award-winning social enterprise.

Our mission is to work with women, girls and children impacted by the criminal justice system, to restore dignity and hope for successful reintegration.

We are addressing systemic and socio-economic injustices that lead to the imprisonment of the vulnerable and poor, through advocacy, bridging the capacity gap to mitigate the limited capacity of prisons to rehabilitate and reform inmates.

Clean Start Kenya

women prisons in Kenya out of 134 establishments and institutions


of imprisoned women in Kenya are single parents and breadwinners


of imprisoned women are aged between 20 and 39 years of age


of imprisoned mums don't know the whereabouts of their children

Clean Start
clean start africa
Clean Start
clean start africa
Teresa Njoroge

“I am motivated to leave behind a legacy of a bold contributor who streamlined social change, breaking the high rates of recidivism in Africa and one that contributed to growing Kenya’s restorative justice programs and a more equitable, inclusive and just world.”

After being falsely accused of, maliciously prosecuted, and sentenced for a crime she didn’t commit, Clean Start Founder and CEO Teresa Njoroge served a one-year sentence at the Langata Women Maximum Security Prison, Nairobi, Kenya. She was accompanied by her then three-month-old daughter.

This experience however, inspired the Inaugural Ford Foundation Global Fellow and TED Women 2017 Speaker,  to devote her life to equipping and empowering imprisoned and formerly imprisoned women for the precarious journey of reintegration back into society. 

Thanks to the Ufunuo Program, I am ready for an extreme makeover from what I have learned here. I am happier. I can now laugh with my children. - Eunic


If it wasn't for Clean Start, I wouldn't have heard of Buildher, trained as a carpenter or been able to provide for my family. Thank you so much, Clean Start. - Jane Kiio


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