Frequently Asked Questions

What does Clean Start do?

Clean Start bridges the gap between prison and the community by ensuring the women and the children leaving prison avoid the gaping trench in between as well as uphold, maintain and reinforce dignity of women and children impacted by the criminal justice system.

When was Clean Start founded?

Clean Start was founded in 2015 by Teresa Njoroge.

How does Clean Start support its beneficiaries?

We uphold, maintain and reinforce the dignity of women and children impacted by the criminal justice system by providing the following programs :


Circles of Healing: These are social peer-led circles open to Imprisoned and formerly imprisoned women that provide a healing space, coping pathways, building resilience, connection and reconciliation support that results in the effective transition and reintegration required for the psychological and mental well- being of the women.

Tables of Support:CS facilitates FIW with life-skills, entrepreneurship/trade/craft training and linkage to business opportunities that enable women access economic opportunities. A Table of Support includes business training geared towards improving and stabilizing the women’s livelihood. Every woman is supported with a minimum of $150 to start a business.

 Children of Imprisoned Mothers: CS safeguard the holistic well-being of children living in prison with their mothers through responsive care.

Are children allowed in prison?

The Kenya Prisons Service allows children under four years to accompany their mothers to prison. This is provided under Section 30 of the Prison’s Act which states:

“..the infant child of a female prisoner may be received into prison with its mother and may be supplied with clothing and necessaries at public expense. Provided that such child shall only be permitted to remain in prison until it attains the age of four years or until arrangements for its proper care outside prison are concluded, whichever shall be the earlier.”

How can I be part of Clean Start?

You can support Clean Start by:

  • You can donate towards enabling a woman take part in our Ufunuo Program at $120.
  • You can also empower our women economically by helping in putting up of a business hub at $2000.
  • You can support a girl in juvenile justice with school fees and supplies for a year at $500.
  • You can help make the stay of a child accompanying the mother in prison more comfortable by donating a Kiddie Pack at $15.
  • You can support the construction of the Clean Start Centre at $300,000.
  • You can also get involved in by partnering with us, becoming a mentor, volunteer or ambassador. Or you can become a voice of change

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