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Clean Start Africa is a team, a movement, a story and a belief in humanity. Our overall goal is to create second chances, by bridging the gap between prison and the community and ensuring successful reintegration for women and children leaving prison.

The Dream Team

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Who is The Dream Team?

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Teresa Nrojoge

Founder & CEO

Teresa NjorogeTeresa Njoroge stands as a beacon of hope and resilience in the realm of social justice reform. As the CEO and Founder of Clean Start Africa, she has dedicated her life to supporting women transitioning from prison back into society, providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to rebuild their lives.

Teresa’s journey is deeply rooted in personal experience, as she has witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by women in prison and their children. This profound understanding of their plight has fueled her passion for social justice, inspiring her to become a tireless advocate for marginalized groups.
Her unwavering commitment to effecting positive change has not gone unnoticed. Teresa has been honored with numerous awards for her remarkable contributions to human rights and social justice. Recent accolades include the prestigious 2023 Elevate Prize, which recognizes visionary leaders driving social impact around the world. Additionally, Teresa was selected to join the 2023 3rd Cohort of the Africa Visionary Fund, further cementing her status as a changemaker on the continent.

Teresa’s drive and dedication have also earned her the 2023 Acumen Angel award, highlighting her innovative approach to addressing social challenges. In recognition of her expertise and leadership, she has been appointed to an advisory role on the board of Mighty Ally, where she continues to shape strategies for advancing social change.

Through her exemplary leadership and unwavering commitment to social justice, Teresa Njoroge embodies the values of empathy, resilience, and compassion. Her tireless efforts are not only transforming the lives of women leaving prison but are also inspiring a new generation of changemakers to join the fight for a more just and equitable society.

Terry Bii

Program Officer

Terry BiiTeresia Nyaoro is a seasoned professional with over 16 years of dedicated experience working with women, children, and girls impacted by the criminal justice system. As the Program Lead for Children and Girls at Clean Start Africa, she plays a pivotal role in providing support and guidance to those transitioning back into society after incarceration.

With a background in both criminology and child psychology, Teresia brings a unique and comprehensive understanding of the complex challenges faced by individuals and families within the criminal justice space. Her expertise extends beyond conventional roles, as she serves as a life coach, mentor, counselor, and caseworker to families navigating the reintegration process.

Teresia’s commitment to empowering and advocating for vulnerable populations is evident in her extensive track record of service. Her work at Clean Start Africa underscores her dedication to restoring dignity and hope to those affected by the criminal justice system, not only in Kenya but across Africa.
Through her compassionate approach and steadfast dedication, Teresia embodies the values of empathy, resilience, and empowerment. Her unwavering commitment to serving others makes her an invaluable asset to Clean Start Africa and a beacon of hope for those she serves.

Cyprine Omollo

Program Lead – Dignified Rehabilitation

Cyprine OmolloCyprine Omollo is the Program Lead Dignified Rehabilitation at Clean Start Africa. In her role, Cyprine is responsible for designing, planning, coordinating and implementing the Ufunuo Leadership Program at Clean Start Africa. She also supports in training trainers of trainers in capacity building and organizing personal development sessions for the chapter leaders. She is a formerly imprisoned woman who is passionate about supporting imprisoned and formerly imprisoned women reach their full potential.

For the past 8 years, Cyprine has been a Leadership & Transformational Coach, focusing on equipping and supporting women and girls impacted by the justice system to realize their leadership potential. She is a certified trainer with extensive experience in transformational leadership and coaching, having been trained by renowned leadership brands such as the African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation (ITL/ALICT) in Stellenbosch, South Africa, the Feminist Leadership Program in London, and the Coaching for Leadership Program by Resurgo Trust in London, she is a Global Thinkers Mentee 2021 – London, she is also a RISE Master Fellow 2022. Cyprine was recently selected to attend a Feminist leadership Program in Dar es Salaam sponsored by St. Xavier University, Coady Institute Canada.

In addition to her roles Clean Start Africa and her work as a Leadership & Transformational Coach, Cyprine Omollo was recently appointed the Vice Chairperson of Sisters on the Outside (SOTO). SOTO is a movement that brings together formerly imprisoned women from across Africa to advocate for systemic change within the criminal justice system.

As the Vice Chairperson of SOTO, Cyprine plays a crucial role in leading and supporting the movement’s effort to bring about positive change. She works alongside dedicated individuals to amplify the voices of formerly incarcerated women and address issues within the criminal justice system.

Jane Ouma

Program Manager

Jane OumaJane Ouma is a dedicated advocate for social justice and empowerment, currently serving as the Program Lead for Dignified Re-entry within the Ufunuo System. In this role, she spearheads initiatives aimed at economically empowering women post-imprisonment, ensuring they have the resources and support needed for successful reintegration into society.

With a passion for making a difference, Jane joined Clean Start Africa in 2018, where she began her journey towards effecting positive change in the lives of imprisoned and formerly imprisoned women. Her commitment to social causes has seen her rise to her current position at Clean Start Africa, a social enterprise dedicated to restoring dignity and hope to women, girls, and children impacted by the criminal justice system.
Her passion for social justice, coupled with her competence and dedication, makes her a valuable asset to Clean Start Africa as it strives to create positive change in society.

Sarah Odima

Program Officer Dignified Rehabilitation

Sarah Odima

Sarah’s journey is one of resilience, redemption, and relentless pursuit of empowerment. Having served time at Langata Maximum Women Prison, she emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration, driven by her faith and a deep commitment to empowering others.

As a God-fearing child of God, Sarah’s journey of transformation led her to become a trained life coach with five years of experience at Clean Start Africa. Her dedication to personal development and service to others is evident in her extensive educational background, which includes theological courses with Kikuyu University and a Master’s program at Morris Cerullo School of Ministry.

Sarah’s passion for empowering women extends beyond her professional endeavors. She has been instrumental in the development of the Ufunuo Leadership program at Clean Start Africa, providing valuable guidance and support to incarcerated and formerly imprisoned women. Additionally, her involvement in the Chandaria Foundation Workshop in Langata Maximum Women Prison showcases her commitment to economic empowerment and rehabilitation efforts.

Furthermore, Sarah actively contributes to policy reform initiatives, participating in the ongoing review of the Sentencing Policy Guidelines (SPG’s) 2016 by the National Council on the Administration of Justice (NCAJ) Kenya. Her advocacy for uniformity in sentencing reflects her dedication to creating a more just and equitable legal system.

In addition to her professional and advocacy work, Sarah plays a significant role in creating healing spaces for imprisoned and formerly imprisoned women across the country. Through the formation and strengthening of chapters, she fosters a sense of community and support, empowering women to overcome challenges and rebuild their lives.

Outside of her commitments to social justice and empowerment, Sarah finds fulfillment in using her theological and coaching skills to teach at her church, the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Her multifaceted contributions to her community reflect her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact and creating a brighter future for all.


Nancy Awuor

Program Officer Dignified Reentry Program Officer

Nancy Awuor

Nancy is a dedicated Program Officer at Clean Start Africa, where she oversees the efficient operation of economic hubs, ensuring alignment with program goals and maintaining operational excellence. Collaborating closely with hub managers, Nancy provides guidance, addresses challenges, and upholds the organization’s broader mission.

Her role involves conducting periodic reviews to assess hub efficiency, identify areas for improvement, and implement necessary adjustments. Through collaboration with Dignified Rehabilitation, Nancy meticulously selects candidates for the UFUNUO program, ensuring a holistic approach to beneficiary selection.

Nancy prioritizes maintaining positive relationships with UFUNUO program beneficiaries, integrating their feedback into program enhancements through regular forums and attentive listening. She also focuses on quality assessment and effective merchandising, ensuring high standards for hub-manufactured products.

As a representative of Clean Start Africa at events, Nancy showcases hub products and supports women in marketing their merchandise. Additionally, she actively seeks partnerships aligned with the skills and products developed within the hubs.

Internally, Nancy coordinates with cross-functional teams including communications, finance, and dignified rehabilitation to ensure the seamless execution of UFUNUO initiatives through the economic hubs.

Faith Luti

Program Assistant

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Sarah Nasimiyu

Social Impact Manager

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Daniel Matheka

Head of Finance

Daniel MathekaDaniel is a seasoned finance professional with a proven track record in driving teams towards achieving financial excellence and organizational success. His expertise lies in the development and implementation of strategic financial procedures and systems, coupled with a keen ability to establish effective processes that drive business growth.

Throughout his career, Daniel has demonstrated a strong aptitude for supervising financial and budgetary development, ensuring fiscal responsibility and alignment with organizational goals. His strategic mindset enables him to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation, leading to the development and introduction of new policies and procedures that optimize departmental efficiency and productivity.
With his wealth of experience and strategic acumen, Daniel is well-positioned in making significant and positive impact at Clean Start Africa. His commitment to excellence and his ability to drive teams towards achieving financial success undoubtedly contributes to Clean Start Africa’s continued growth and success.

Cedrick Alusa

Head of Communication Media & Advocacy

Cedrick is a seasoned communications specialist with a wealth of operational and managerial experience in crafting and executing impactful communication campaigns. With over a decade in the field, he has honed his skills in stakeholder engagement strategy and cross-functional collaboration, navigating seamlessly across diverse sectors including service, humanitarian, financial, and manufacturing.

With extensive experience acquired from reputable advertising and PR agencies, Cedrick has had the privilege of working with esteemed entities such as EABL, KCB, East Africa Portland Cement Company, Bamburi Cement, Water Services Regulatory Board, Parliamentary Service Commission, Mumias Sugar Company, Kenya Tourism Board, Energy & Petroleum Authority of Kenya, STANLIB among others.

Currently serving as the Head of Communication Media and Advocacy at Clean Start Africa, Cedrick holds the pivotal role of managing the communication function of the organization. In this capacity, he leverages his vast experience and strategic vision to drive impactful communication strategies that advance the organization’s mission and amplify its impact on society.

Through strategic foresight, he ensures that communication efforts align seamlessly with organizational goals, driving engagement, awareness, and support for Clean Start Africa’s initiatives. By nurturing relationships and fostering collaboration, he amplifies the organization’s reach and influence, ultimately contributing to its success in achieving its mission of empowering women, girls, and children impacted by the criminal justice system.


Who is The Board?

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Dr. Patricia MurUgami

Chair of the Board

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Renee Ngamau

Board Director

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Helen De Vane

Board Advisor

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